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Reading my daily dose of, I found what I’ve been looking for since 2010. I discovered in ’07 and read it daily pretty much. Two years ago, I discovered primal/paleo lifestyle through an article on by Karen De Coster. After reading The Primal Blueprint, I changed my lifestyle and lost 50 pounds, improved my health, and looked good naked again:) The last one may not be your “stated” goal, but it happen.
My dilemma in my preps started after going primal. The prepping community promotes grain-based diet and storage. While I don’t disagree that they’ll get you through emergency situations, we’re not designed to live on grains. Then, I read Dr. Dan Stickler’s post today over at and got happy. Check it out there or read it below. Either way, it’s unconventional wisdom that really worked for me. I recommend this lifestyle highly!
Dr. Stickler, The Paleo Doc, can be found here.
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I first began prepping about two years ago so I am fairly new to this.  In those two years I have been fairly aggressive with my education and training on the topic with much of my real world education coming from reading blogs.  I have found an area where there is a great deal of misinformation and limited preparedness so it has prompted me to address this topic since it is the one area where I possess a skill set that I can share.  The topic is healthcare after the SHTF.  I think it is difficult for any of us, especially in America, to understand how so many aspects of our health we may be taking for granted.  I can honestly say that I was in the same boat which is a sad statement considering the fact that I am a physician.

To give a little background as a lead in; I worked as a general and vascular surgeon for about 10 years after I finished residency.  A little over two years ago I walked away from that to focus on nutrition, fitness, and wellness counseling.  There were many reasons for this change, lifestyle being a big one but more importantly I came to understand that we were no longer practicing medicine but rather pharmacology and surgery.  I found that training people to modify lifestyle was the best defense and prevention strategy and this certainly applies to prepping.

I will be focusing on four topics:

  • Optimizing your health
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness
  • Healthcare skill sets
  • Water and hygiene
  • Healthcare supplies

Optimizing your Health

Health should be viewed as a spectrum with chronic disease at one end, disease-free in the middle, and optimized health at the other end.  Think about where you would want to be and whom you would want in your survival group should the SHTF.

In reading through the various prepper and survival blogs, I see so many people that are unhealthy and they do not hesitate to talk about it.  I would be worried if I were in this situation or if I had to rely on this person as an essential link in my support group.  Stocking up on medications may help but what happens when they run out or expire?   Will you live to take advantage of all your amazing preparations or will they be taken from you?  The solution is to get out of the chronic disease end of the spectrum and get as close to optimal health as possible.  I treat and resolve chronic disease every day by basically changing one thing: lifestyle.  This means nutrition and fitness.  You just have to understand that chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and most high cholesterol are actually just symptoms of a poor lifestyle, you fix that, and you fix the problem without medication.

Nutrition is the key to good health; the problem is there is way too much misinformation out there as to what constitutes good nutrition.  What I am about to say will make most prepper gasp, but let me explain.  Get rid of all grains from the diet!  Now, that said, I do store grains but I do not currently eat them, they are reserved as emergency foods only.  You may now be asking, “where does this insanity come from?”  Well the answer is biochemistry and anthropology.  We are and always have been physiologically hunter/gatherers and grains were not a part of our natural diet.  Our bodies function best and experience the most positive effects from a hunter/gatherer style diet.  I am not asking you to immediately take my word for it just because I have a few initials at the end of my name, but I do ask that you try this challenge – give up all grain, bread, pasta, rice, crackers, chips, pretzels, popcorn, sweets, etc., for one month and see how you feel.  You will eat only meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts during this time and eat all you want.  You will experience amazing results.  Since I do have limited space here to go into all the details, I have provided a link to a video on Vimeo to help explain my approach to this diet: Functional Nutrition.

Other good sources of information are the books The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf and The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.  Sisson also has a great web site at  Good nutrition is 80% of a healthy lifestyle, it is the base of the pyramid of health and without it you cannot develop optimal health.  I am not promoting some agenda here or trying to sell some magic snake oil, all I can tell you is that I have been utilizing this diet in my clinical practice for years and the health transformations and the disease resolutions I have witnessed are amazing.

Another aspect of optimal health is fitness.  It is a necessity in survival and should be an integral part of any preparation regimen.  Everyone seems to prep for food, medical and self defense but another aspect of preparation is your body.  I would like to see the 3 Bs change to the 4 Bs: Beans, Bullets, Band-Aids, and Body.  Your level of fitness will be directly proportional to your chances of survival so you need to train the right way.  Bottom line – lift heavy stuff and run fast.  What I recommend is functional fitness and you do not need a gym for this.  Functional fitness means training the body to be able to do the necessary things in life well and remember, life will be substantially different if society fails.  If you have weights available, then lift heavy – squats, cleans, military press, rows.  Add push-ups and pull-ups.  Chop and carry wood, dig ditches, and run sprints. The book The Primal Blueprint that I mentioned has some good functional training advice and workouts.

Healthcare Skillsets

The practice of medical care could change dramatically in this scenario.  Physicians and nurses currently practice with the aid of technology, sterile environments, a slew of available instruments and specialist referrals.  EMTs and paramedics are trained in stabilization and transport.  Despite my surgical training and experience, my experience in a level 4 trauma center and having been an Advanced Trauma Life Support instructor, I would have little skills to care for people in a post-apocalyptic scenario.  That was until I began studying wilderness medicine.  Wilderness medicine training is available for health care providers (EMTs, paramedics, nurses, and physicians) and what makes this different is that you have to diagnose and more importantly TREAT in the field without the benefit of technology and transport.  In TEOTWAWKI scenario things like minor wounds, burns, blisters, and fractures become potentially life-threatening emergencies. I never realized all this until I took a Wilderness First Responder course offered by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and I feel that this is an absolute necessity for someone in your group.  We should all know how to properly clean and care for wounds, close lacerations, treat a burn, splint and reduce fractures and dislocations in situations where we do not have the luxury of modern technology.  Now this course will not make you the Dr. House of the TEOTWAWKI but it will give you the basis to build from and a level of comfort in dealing with many of the issues you may encounter.  You should still have access to someone with advanced medical training.

Water and Hygiene

Wilderness medicine gets you thinking about things we take for granted like water or hygiene.  In the wilderness, clean water is your best friend.  Even sparkling clear mountain spring water can be full of protozoa and bacteria so boiling or filtration is essential.  What kills more people worldwide?  Infectious diarrhea.  This is also one of the number one debilitations in the wilderness along with food poisoning related to poor food prep hygiene.  It is also important to remember that filtration will not get rid of viruses, so in the face of a viral outbreak if the water supply gets contaminated, you will need a chemical disinfectant as well.  Iodine and/or chlorine will work well for this added safety.  We need to look at the health care issues faced in the third world countries in order to fully understand what we need to prepare for should the worst case scenario occur.

Healthcare Supplies

First thing to remember here is that it will do you no good to stock up on supplies that you have no skill or knowledge to use.  When I design and stock kits for people, I always find out what abilities they possess first.  You also have to determine what size group you want to prepare for and the environment where the kit will be needed.  I typically see a need for three types of kits and a stock of supplies on top.

Kit #1: Basic field kit.  This kit needs to be compact and lightweight but still be supplied to cover you for a 1-5 day trip away from your Bugout Location (BOL) for 3-4 people.  This should cover everything for stabilizing illness or injury long enough to get you back to your BOL.  This is the kit that I keep in my Bugout Bag (BoB) and I take hiking or camping.
Basic contents:

  • Sterile and non-sterile gloves
  • Facemasks with eye protecting, also antiviral mask
  • Thermometer
  • Ace bandage and scissors
  • Various quantities of different size sterile gauze and gauze rolls
  • Field surgical kit and sutures
  • Variety of medical and athletic tape
  • Moleskin for blisters and second skin for burns
  • Opsite or other occlusive dressing
  • Steristrips and benzoin for wound closure
  • Small vial of povidone iodine or betadine
  • Bacitracin and Cortisone
  • Thermal reflective blanket
  • SAM splint
  • Eye pad
  • Large irrigation syringe
  • Several cravats
  • Quikclot or Celox trauma bandage
  • Pen light
  • Emergency resuscitator pocket facemask
  • Ibuprofen, aspirin, Benadryl, and various antibiotics

Kit #2: Advanced Home Kit. This is an advanced medical kit for the home or BOL.  It contains all the above items from Kit #1 just larger quantities, plus:

  • Stethoscope and BP cuff
  • Fiberglass casting wrap
  • Greater variety of surgical items
  • Lidocaine, needles, and syringes
  • Battery operated cautery device
  • Skin stapler
  • Greater variety of antibiotics and other prescription meds
  • Emergency cricothyrotomy kit

Kit #3: Advanced Trauma Kit.  Now this kit would be mainly for people with advanced medical training or military field medics.  I keep this is a STOMP bag and it weighs about 40 pounds.  It is basically a portable trauma bay with advanced surgical instrumentation, major wound treatments, airway control, etc.

My recommendation is to train each person in your group in the basic medical skills and have each carry a basic kit.  Many prep groups run drills for defense and bug-out but few run through medical scenarios and these are the most likely issues that they would encounter.  Each group or family should have someone in charge of medical and it should be their responsibility to train the others.

So our best course of action is prepare and prevent.  Prepare by optimizing each individuals health, have the training necessary for your environment, and have the appropriate tools and knowledge in order to act.  Prevent by obtaining/maintaining optimal health, recognizing and understanding the risks of your environment, practice good hygiene, and utilize adequately filtered water.

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Another sign of expanding the Nanny State/Big Bother

Whether you agree or disagree with the use of F-Bombs in social media, where does one draw the line of government intrusion into our personal, private lives? Here’s the story from Indiana.

GARRETT, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) – Police were called to Garrett High School Friday after students there threatened to protest. This all comes after a senior was expelled for what he tweeted on his personal Twitter account.

“One of my tweets was, BEEP is one of those BEEP words you can BEEP put anywhere in a BEEP sentence and it still BEEP make sense,” said Austin Carroll, student.

Austin was expelled from Garrett High School after tweeting the F-word under his account. The school claims it was done from a school computer. Austin says he did it from home.

“If my account is on my own personal account, I don’t think the school or anybody should be looking at it. Because it’s my own personal stuff and it’s none of their business,” said Carroll.

“I totally didn’t agree with what Austin said but I didn’t agree with an expulsion either. I mean if they suspended him for 3 days or something, I would be fine with that but to kick him out of school, his senior year, 3 months to go, wrong,” said Pam Smith, Austin’s mother.

The principal at Garrett High School claims their system tracks all the tweets on Twitter when a student logs in, meaning even if he did tweet it from home their system could have recognized it when he logged in again at school.

“I didn’t post the thing at school but their computer is saying that I did post it, and I shouldn’t be getting in trouble for stuff I did on my own time, on my own computer,” said Carroll.

Austin is going to an alternative school and will be able to graduate. But he says there is so much more he wishes he could be a part of.

“I just want to be able to go back to regular school, go to prom and go to everything that a regular senior would get to do in their senior year,” said Carroll.

Indiana’s NewCenter reached out to the school’s administration. The principal refused to comment on camera at the request of the school’s attorney.

With each word transmitted over my home computer, I’m tempting fate. As a teacher employed by a government school system, this and other Nanny State censorship activities reinforces my decision to remain anonymous. A retired teacher with a national audience gave me this advice concerning public criticism of government education by an employee: “They will destroy you and your family.”

Shining the torch of truth on Educrat’s unstated, yet obvious, intentions heaps retribution and vengeance on the one holding the light. No restraint will be used to silence the critic. The monopoly must be protected! “Truth” will march on – only if they say so. What a white-washed coffin full of decaying hypocrisy!

Don’t we all just want to be left alone?! If you have any desire for freedom and learning for your children, please consider unschooling or homeschooling as an alternative to compulsory government gulags.


I embrace the label “prepper”. The movement has gone mainstream over the past few years. What movement? The awakening of everyday people realizing that Uncle Sugar is not the answer in troubled times. Preppers take their preparedness into their own hands. Kind of like being an Education Vigilante. Here’s The Education Vigilante Common Man’s Guide for Newbie Preppers.

Prepping is a journey, not a destination

My lovely wife, bless her heart (that’s right y’all – I’m southern), understands and supports this fact. Over the last two years I’ve added these skills to my toolbox (she just smiles and encourages me – and helps): soap making, blacksmithing, home brewing, water collection, medicinal plants and herbs, CPR training, barefoot running (strengthens the foot and ankles), backpacking/camping, and now, blogging (not a great skill after TEOTWAWKI ).  There never seems to be enough stuff, knowledge, or preps. I’ve never watched “Doomsday Preppers” by National Geographic highlighting the growing population of preparedness minded individuals in our country. It’s past my bedtime when it airs. The little I know from reading, the show seems to promote preppers as crazed, gun-totting fanatics. I love my guns, but I don’t watch sensationalized crap on TV. My advise to newbie preppers is to “keep it real” as my students say. Below you’ll find 7 tips to take preparedness into your own hands. This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the prepping movement, but it’ll get you started – starting is the hardest part.

Specialization is for insects

Five years ago I stumbled upon and realized that I was a prepper. Thanks to Mom and Dad, I was a prepper before prepping was cool. They taught me how to be self-reliant, an independent thinker, and a serial multi-tasker.

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” — Robert A. Heinlein

My parents went through tough times growing up and passed on their experiences and knowledge to me and my siblings. The ability to think and apply knowledge is the key to surviving our uncertain times ahead. Whether it’s a financial collapse or natural disaster your best human survival skill is the ability to think. The last thing you want is to be the recipient of a Darwin Award in an emergency/SHTF situation. Stupidity will thin the herd – as nature intended.

If you haven’t noticed our predicament, you are not paying attention or watching too much mainstream media. Here’s what I see. A financial collapse is coming. It’s inevitable. Don’t believe me. Read some history. There is no way to print our way out of this enormous hole of debt. Read some Rothbard and Mises to get enlightened.

Two years ago, our family sat around a Thanksgiving table at the in-laws. My mother-in-law brought up and expressed her I-lived-through-the-great-depression opinion on a story she read in the local paper about our economy. In a nutshell, she knew the present levels of debt and fiat money printing will ruin us. Our money is no longer backed by gold. She was scolded by a young 20 something nephew who was getting his MBA in Keynesian economics at our state university. The once pleasant conversation turned heated as he demanded that we believe our money is backed by gold and that our national debt was good for “leveraging”. “Where’s the gold?” she asked. His arrogant ignorance and his presence ended when he called her “un-American” for her beliefs. Debating is okay. Insulting his grandma-in-law opened a can of reality on this “educated” Keynesian. My lovely wife immediately threw out (I’m being nice here) this ungrateful, ignorant, schooled fool. He’s never apologized to my mother-in-law. Haven’t seen him in two years. If I ever see this poor propagandized soul again, I’ll introduce him to Mr. Mises and Austrian economics.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

Wake up and smell the truth – and prepare accordingly

Fortunately, the internet makes your prepper education much easier than in previous generations. My position in government “education” gives me a front row view of the dulling down of common sense and critical thinking of the masses. Our ruling elites depend on our insane system of forced schooling to mass produce dullards who believe anything and question nothing.

On the phone yesterday with my daughter who graduates from college in May, we discussed her plans. Originally, she wanted to attend grad school. Now she’s not so sure. She is aware of the fact that student loan debt for higher education exceeds $1 trillion dollars. She’s not sure the money spent/owed is worth it. I told her to follow her gut. She’s so bright and has so much going for her, why go further in debt?

Albert Einstein described insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Recovery is not going to happen. Collapse is coming. Prepare accordingly.

Here are a few of my go-to preparedness sites:

The Survival Podcast

The Economic Collapse Blog

Backwoods Home Magazine

The Survival Mom

Survival Jane

Willow Haven Outdoor

Project Appleseed

Knowledge and skills trump gadgets and tools

We perform what we practice. Gadgets and tools aren’t very useful unless you acquire skills to use them. Example: Can you start a fire from scratch without a Bic lighter? How about sharpening bladed tools (axe, saws, knives)? For families with young kids, this makes for great outdoor family time. Unplug the TV and computer game. Take kids camping, hunting, fishing and hiking. Encourage play. Play is essential in learning. Make games of preparedness. Plant a garden. Get your hands dirty, literally. No backyard? Grow vegetables in containers and get creative. I ran out of room in my garden once and planted tomatoes and peppers in plastic storage containers on my back deck. They grew like kudzu. Prepping takes practice.

Make a written plan for emergencies.

What if the kids are at school, mom and dad are at work, and society goes berserk? Is there a plan in place to get the family home safely? Our children are grown and out of the house. We still have a plan of action (written down) in case a S Hits The Fan.

Avoid information overload

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Seems logical but many newbie preppers get overwhelmed and shut down. As in any new undertaking, a solid foundation is necessary. Fundamental preps should include: Water, food, shelter, and a way to protect yourself and family (self-defense). Focused energy and resources should be spent on securing these items. These doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Rethink, reuse and recycle. There’s so much stuff that can be made useful in your preps. Yard sales, Craig’s List, and thrift stores are great at stretching your prepper budget. I’ve added many 100% wool sweaters to my cache from local thrift shops. I call this “Common Man’s Sense.” Budget for what’s important. Is that latte at Starbucks really that tasty?

Be redundant

Once you jump into prepping, take care of the fundamentals and build redundancy. Can I purify water with more than one method? Always have a plan B and C. Figure it out before you have to.

Get fit for SHTF- Be strong to be useful

I chuckle every time I read some survivalist’s comments on how he/she plans to survive TEOTWASWKI. The chuckle comes when I see their picture posted and wonder how they plan on humping a 60 pound backpack to their fully stocked retreat location on top of a mountain. I’m not cracking on their plan, just don’t see it happening when they are winded by climbing the three steps leading into their house. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about what modern fitness experts tell us we are supposed to look like physically – beach ready with sculpted abs and tan bodies. I’m talking about functional fitness.

So, a plan has to be doable, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Let’s talk about functional fitness for SHTF.

In a SHTF/TEOTWAWKI event our bodies will be shocked by physical demands. In my ex-coaching days, I never had my football players swing baseball bats during practice. That skill wasn’t very useful for optimal performance on the gridiron. Working out at the gym may offer some transfer in a collapse situation. However, in my experience, carrying buckets of water and swinging a sledgehammer to split firewood can’t be practice in most modern fitness centers.

Ditch conventional wisdom and grease the groove. What’s “grease the groove?” Whatever you want to improve (cardio, upper body, lower body, etc.), do it in intervals throughout the day. For instance, if you want to increase your pull-up repetitions, do a pull up each time you pass a pull up bar (or other structural equivalent). Swing a sledgehammer on an old tire or firewood pile if you have one to increase you upper body strength. I hit 20 to 30 push ups on my breaks at school. I no longer do cardio (long distances over 3 miles). Over the last two years, I started sprinting once a week. This triggers my fast twitch muscle fibers, build muscle mass, and burns fat. And it only takes a few minutes, where the long runs use to take close to an hour. Boring! Note: Disregard the silly stares you get when sprinting through your neighborhood or park barefooted. Be strong to be useful.

Here are some non-conventional resources on jumping, climbing, lifting heavy objects, playing, and movement:

Mark’s Daily Apple


Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution

What did I miss? Let me know.

Another worksheet! Another boring lecture! Another self-inflated ego droning on, dripping with self-importance!

Does your mind wander during simple, routine assignments? We’re you labeled “Absent-minded” in school? If so, congratulations! It’s a sign of a sharp mind according to new research:

Published online in the Psychological Science journal on March 14, 2012, the new report indicates that a person’s working memory capacity relates to the tendency of the mind to wander during a routine assignment.

“People with higher working memory capacity reported more mind wandering during these simple tasks,” says Levinson, though their performance on the test was not compromised.

The result is the first positive correlation found between working memory and mind wandering and suggests that working memory may actually enable off-topic thoughts.

Working memory capacity has previously been correlated with general measures of intelligence, such as reading comprehension and IQ score.

Being a serial multi-tasker and Chief School Deviant, I feel vindicated. Can’t wait for my I-told-you-so comment at our next faculty meeting! I knew I was sharp…

Deutsch: Phrenologie

Lots going on up there!

Karen DeCoster nails another Nanny Statist to the wall:

Since all schools and their surrounding neighborhood have long been “drug-free” zones, it is time to turn them into lunch-free zones as well. California state bureaucrats have already declared legal pot dispensaries to be a threat to the kiddies when they are too close to a federal child internment camp, and now, lunch trucks and food carts are deemed to be even more sinister.

A California state lawmaker believes food trucks are contributing to childhood obesity, and wants to keep them farther than marijuana dispensaries from schools.

Assemblyman William Monning (D-Carmel) chairs the Assembly Health Committee. Monning wants to ban all food trucks and pushcarts from within 1,500 feet of elementary, middle and high schools from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on school days. Pot stores must be located at least 600 feet from schools.

The trucks are said to be “contributing to an epidemic of childhood obesity on California school campuses by supplying youngsters with greasy burgers, sodas and other high-calorie food.” This is unlike the federal subsidized school lunch program, of course. After all, the government serves up “intelligent pizza” and sends in Lunch Nazis to take away the home-packed lunches of children so they can be replaced with Federal McNuggets.

Enough said.

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Bacon and banana topped doughnut

I took a picture (food porn) of what has the makings of a great breakfast. Found it at a local coffee shop yesterday.  Bought coffee, not the doughnut. Not enough bacon and animal fat to counteract the grain-based pastry. Try Primal. I think you’ll like it!

Logo of the United States Department of Agricu...

Makes ya feel safe, don't it?

When I quiz students trailing out of the USDA approved feeding line about the contents of the “meat” on their tray, no one can’t identify it. The usual response is “I don’t know” or “mystery meat.” The mystery is solved. It’s ammonia!

That’s right. Students in our government gulags, trained not to question anything, are thankful to eat this slimy, ammonia hydroxide-treated concoction of meat/connective tissue. The hypocrisy of the USDA (and all State initial-sporting agencies) knows no bounds. Ammonium hydroxide can turn into ammonium nitrate. You know, the stuff used to blow up the Murrah Federal Building. I’m surprised Big Sis hasn’t sent in Homeland Security to raid these pre-terrorist lunchrooms. How does 7 million pounds of potential bomb making material slip by the Feds? It didn’t slip anywhere. The USDA bought it to fed to the schooled children. They have the best interest of your child’s health in mind.

Talk about a gut bomb!

Fast-food giant McDonalds stopped serving this slop, thanks to choice and the free market. In the government school monopoly, your child has to choose between pink ammonia patties or various other mysterious USDA pyramid foods. Or, you could try slipping a homemade lunch past the Food Nazis.

Just color it pink to blend in. Yum!

It’s 2:30 a.m. I can’t sleep so I’m surfing and stumbling. After four cups of Maxwell House, I found another great post over at The Altucher Confidential. While I recommend his most recent post, “Did Obama Really Say He Wants Everyone to Go to College?”, I highly suggest, after reading the post (your welcome James), the comments pasted below by a commenter named “Mike”. He destroys, with real life examples, Big Education’s infatuation with college. Raised by a plumber with a tenth grade education myself, I can relate. Here’s one of Mike’s unedited contributions:

While I certainly don’t know the answer to all this what I can do is tell you from my own experience some of the results of people around me who have no education and what they have accomplished.
1.) MEI own a plumbing business. In 2011 my my net income was $187,000 and I have no employees. It’s just me and a 1-Ton cube van that’s a mobile hardware store for plumbing parts. I do service work only and I’m busy 7 days a week. My parents offered me college all paid for but after drinking away my first year they cut me off and I was on my own. I started at $7 an hour and learned on the job the skills I needed and after 8 years I became a licensed master plumber. I was broke. I started with a rusty van and about $100 in parts. I literally had to go door to door and knock to get work. It was hard, everything in life is hard. The thing is this, I enjoyed it. I currently own a home and have have zero debt. Nothing, not my home not anything besides $20 bucks I borrowed from my buddy the other day because I forgot my wallet.2.)Mom & Dad

My parents own a manufacturing company that employees about 400 people. The company was started during the great depression but was defunct when my Dad bought it. He was a farmer but had a vision. My parents leveraged everything they had and he made it work. We were so poor growing up I can remember being embarrassed when relatives came over because our clothes were old and wore out. Over time the business grew and now is one of the largest manufacturing companies supplying structural composite components to the door and window industry as well as the growing health care sector. My parents are multi- millionairess. No college.

3.) Uncle

My uncle can’t read. Literally, he simply can not read and write. It’s so bad he can’t even work for somebody because even simple jobs require some reading and writing skills. At the age of 17 he started hauling lumber for a builder. 20 years later he owns one of the largest residential building companies in the Midwest. He also owns and manages about 30 apartment buildings. He built them and now people pay him. He is a multi- millionaire many times over and is debt free. No college

4.) Other Uncle

My other uncle owns one of the largest small engine shops in the State. He is the preferred dealer for some of the most well respected brands in the country. He is a multi- millionaire many times over. I can remember when he started, he was flat broke fixing engines at a hardware store in town. One day he got fired because they shut that part of the business down. He rented a small hole in the wall as a space and hung a sign out. 7 years later he built a massive building where he occupies a space for his business and rents out the other spaces to other businesses. They are debt free. No college

5.) My Sister

My sister is a Realtor and rental property owner. She became a drug addict but managed to hold a job at a local greasy spoon cafe. For years all of us thought she would waste away to nothing and end up dead. Nobody understood why she could’t cope with life. It was as if she was in a mental prison. One day she met an old man who was dying of cancer. He would come in to the cafe where she was a waitress and would sit and drink coffee in the morning. He shared with her how he was dying. One day he stopped coming in. My sister was worried so she did something she has never done before, she escaped her fears and called every hospital in the area and found him. She was the only visitor and she held his hand when he died in the hospital bed. The old man asked my sister if she could take over his tiny business. He was a window cleaner but only had a few accounts. If I remember the sales were only abut $275 a week. She did. For some strange reason, reasons none of us understand, she up and quite her job. She started washing windows and had to teach herself how to do it. Over a couple year period she blossomed into her own generating a business with sales in excess of $500K a year. Not bad for a window cleaner. She decided to move on and sold it. She took all the cash and bought a POS rental building. She made money and bought more. She became a licensed broker so she could be on the inside with real estate deals. She doesn’t sell houses, she buys them. She has become one of the most prominent people in the area. She is a millionaire, is debt free, and never went to college.

6.) Friend #1

Total goof off in high school. Was a drug dealer because he wanted the easy way out. Got busted and served time. He couldn’t get a job so he had to make his own job. On his kitchen table he designed a clever way to do directional boring for underground utilities. He was a pusher. He talked all of us into the idea. He bought a chunk of steel and a metal lathe and machined (self taught) a device to grab a cable, stick it in the ground, and through an air compressor bore a hole under a road so as not to disturb the pavement. They are in use worldwide now. He has since sold the idea to a major manufacture and is wealthy. He is 47 and never went to college.

7.) Friend #2

Jeff never went to college but he was always really book smart. One day he recognized a gap in the computer industry not being filled. He now owns a company manufacturing specialty computers for use in hospitals. It is a global business and employees a couple thousand workers. He collects vintage Porsches.

I could go on and on and on because most of the people I know never went to college. Two types of people come out of college. Those who are “schooled” and those who are “educated”. If you are just schooled you are headed for a world of hurt, one day you will wake up and realize you have built a mental prison for yourself. If you go to college and work on being educated chances are good you will be fine. But being “educated” doesn’t always come from a college, in fact, I would say it’s rare. College is often taught by high school kids. Think about it. The graduate high school, go to more school, then go back to school to teach. It’s really quite stupid.

Getting “educated” is a mental thing. It’s a realization of sorts. Not everybody can get it though, regardless of what the books say. Some people will look at life through a lens built around the idea that security is found in following a program acceptable to the rat race. Those people and up getting screwed in the end. “educated” has nothing to do with math skills or taking classes. It has everything to do with understanding that “uncertainty” is where 100% of the opportunity is located. The real security is in the uncertainty of life. I can’t see tomorrow so I don’t care about it. Today is a beautiful day and is full of opportunities, you can either seize it and take advantage of it or spend your time thinking about tomorrow which is a false sense of reality.

“College is our only hope for our children,” came out of her mouth. Bull crap is what I almost shouted to the simple mind spewing the propaganda at our department meeting. I re-grouped.

The walls of our school and other government baby-sitting services across the nation spread this myth to unsuspecting clientele. Pretty colored charts with skewed “facts” plaster our hallways. James and Mike help bust the college myth.

Of course, your mileage may very.


It’s not marijuana, cocaine, tobacco or alcohol. These might actually help dull the pain of being schooled. The most deadly drugs in all forced institutional schooling is…


Pete Townshend’s lyrics, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, play in my head as I write. Will our new “boss” be any better than our old “boss”? NO! Out of the candidates running for the GOP nomination, this statement applies to all but Ron Paul. Get your head out of the cloud of punditry. Look at measurable data and voting records. I digress. Or, maybe not.

Government equals force,” I told a group of students in a fellow liberty-loving teacher’s class the other day. To illustrate, this weeks TEV Award ( The Education Vigilante Award) Loretta Jeanne@FromLA, one of my Twitter followers, shared several links that inspired this post. The first was, “Bush Profiteers Collect Billions From No Child Left Behind.” Below are a few excerpts from the story and my comments:

The architect of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), President Bush’s first senior education advisor, Sandy Kress, has turned the program, which has consistently proven disastrous in the realm of education, into a huge success in the realm of corporate profiteering. After ushering NCLB through the US House of Representatives in 2001 with no public hearings, Kress went from lawmaker—turning on spigots of federal funds—to lobbyist, tapping into those billions of dollars in federal funds for private investors well-connected to the Bush administration.

High stakes testing (standardized testing) is a billion dollar industry funded on the overloaded backs of producers. Only the insiders benefit from the billion dollar scheme. No child or teacher benefits from these stupid tests. Parents need to place a strangle hold on the pocket books of Government School profiteers like Sandy Kress, Harold McGraw III, the Big Three—McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin, and Harcourt General, Bill Bennett, and Neil Bush. Practice civil disobedience – refuse to allow your child to be tortured by the Procrustean system. Check out The Bartleby Project and opt out. Teachers are shackled by invisible chains. This revolt must be student and parent driven. Organizations formed to “help” the cause will only corrupt the resistance. It must be a grassroots movement. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators will follow.

The scheme of Government schooling fools only those who want to be fooled. With this much confiscated money at stake, the fooling comes by force. Failure is built-in the system to keep the elite’s ship floating on fiat dollars. The “gang of robbers and murderers” responsible knew what they were doing by creating NCLB and “Race To The Top”, Obama’s 2.0 savior of “education”. By the way, states opting out of NCLB are the guinea pigs for a national curriculum. Never trust the government elites. Look up their sleeves.

Under NCLB, as school districts receive federal funding they are required by law to hold 20 percent of those funds aside, anticipating that its schools will fail to meet its Annual Yearly Progress formula. When that “failure” is certified by test scores, the district is required to use those set-aside federal funds to pay supplemental education service (SES) providers. Ignite! has placed products in forty US school districts, and K12 offers a menu of services “as an option to traditional brick-and-mortar schools,” including computer-based “virtual academies,” that have qualified for over $4 million in federal grants. Under NCLB, supplemental educational services, whose results are being increasingly challenged, reap $2 billion annually.

Remember the Atlanta cheating scandal? Why would anyone appear shocked that system-wide cheating took place? In my school, we’re expected to have a 100% passing rate on the high stakes testing by 2014. How our local educrats are able to pass this information on to us with a straight face is beyond my capabilities of understanding. Some form of hypnosis has to be used. When we fail, and we will fail to reach this mythical goal, reform will be necessary: Translation – bend over and open your wallet for more government spending solutions. It’s worked so well in education thus far. Equality in education for all in our fantasy Utopia can be achieved – cheating required!

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Built in cheating

Gangsta Government “Education” manages ignorance for profit. Power is so addictive. Sadly, most are addicted to this Collective induced hallucination.