A Bacon Donut – Really!

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Food Porn, Primal/Paleo
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Bacon and banana topped doughnut

I took a picture (food porn) of what has the makings of a great breakfast. Found it at a local coffee shop yesterday.  Bought coffee, not the doughnut. Not enough bacon and animal fat to counteract the grain-based pastry. Try Primal. I think you’ll like it!

  1. …I live in Middle Tennessee. ..and I do my best to hold my cookies each morning that fill my tank and walk by the “breakfast box” sitting conveniently by the register for all to see. Mystery meat with a thick yellow chunk of “egg” sitting between two baked white flour handles….heehe! I think the fattest, most sluggish sheeple in the world reside in Middle Tennessee. Why do I live here?? …I am working on the get-away.
    Great blog.
    -by the way, for great REAL food recipes, try http://www.FoodieWhore.com. The chef is most dedicated, too bad she is on the Left Coast, koolaid land.

    THNX for the follow.

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