About TEV

A few years ago, I realized I’m an accidental autarchist. I embrace it now.  As The Education Vigilante, I promote individual liberty in education.  In other words, taking your education into your own hands.  I’m in the trenches and on the front line in the War on Education.  As the CSD (Chief Schooling Deviant), I plan to destroy government school teachology one mind at a time. I am an agent provocateur for the cause of liberty. I believe in the principles of voluntary association and that individuals should be free to do whatever they please as long as they don’t harm others by using force or fraud.  The political and corporate elites can not survive without modern compulsory “education”.  Forced schooling is the opposite of liberty.

Being a government school teacher is what I do, not who I am. I blog mostly about “Education”. You’ll also get my thoughts about the liberty lifestyle in these areas:

Food freedom, survival/preparedness, anti-State, and primal/paleo lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. Opinions are my own (obviously) since I wrote them. Before taking any of this seriously, please check your gut – you know, that gnawing feeling that somethings wrong and I’m right. Please remember this is for entertainment purposes ONLY! I know nothing (documented by Loving Wife @ 95.931 % of the time) and I’m always the dumbest person in the room. Ignorance is easy! No study required.

I love liberty, self-ownership, guns, primal living, Austrian economics, self-reliance, reading history, and spending time with Loving Wife and family.  I stubbornly resist the State (described by Lysander Spooner as the gang of robbers and murderers).  Being able to voluntarily exercise free will in a free society excites me.  If my choices lead to my demise, at least I’m spared from any externally determined fate.

My influences in no particular order:  Frederic Bastiat, John Taylor Gatto, Lew Rockwell, Ludwig von Mises, Murry Rothbard, Dr. Ron Paul, Mark Sisson, Karen De Coster, John T. Flynn, Henry Hazlitt, Fred Reed, James Altucher, James Wesley Rawles, Boston T. Party, Tom Baugh, Christopher McDougall, Etienne de la Boetie, Ayn Rand, Leonard Read, Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Samuel L. Blumenfeld, Linda Schrock Taylor, Tess Pennington, Judge Andrew Napolitano (more to come).

  1. MisBehaved Woman says:

    Hell yeah! I like the way you think & write! Looking forward to following your blog, sir. Nice to know that somewhere in this vast Universe, not all sanity has been lost!

  2. Thank you for the trust and BRAVO to you! LST

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