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This summer has me running in all directions, so I haven’t been able to post much. My apologies for that, however, as luck would have it, my sister Booie wanted to share some thoughts on Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill recently passed by Congress….

When England tried to place the colonies under the monetary control of the Bank of England, many in America were strongly opposed. This was one of the factors leading to the Revolutionary War. Nevertheless, the First Bank of the United States was chartered in 1791, thanks to the machinations of Alexander Hamilton, in line with Northern mercantile interests. In exchange for support by the agrarian South for the bank, Hamilton agreed to ensure sufficient support to have the federal capitol moved from its temporary Northern location, New York, to a Southern location on the Potomac.

Happily, the First Bank’s charter expired in 1811 without being renewed. Sadly, “the next several years witnessed the proliferation of federally issued Treasury Notes…to finance the War of 1812” leading to runaway inflation. The Second Bank of the U.S. was chartered in 1816 in the hopes that it would end the inflation. Ron Paul has pointed out that this “aided and abetted ever more [monetary] expansion and the creation of a boom-bust cycle.”

Andrew Jackson denounced the central bank as an engine of corruption, referring to it as “The Great Whore of Babylon.” He felt that “the bank, by controlling the nation’s money supply, had great power over the economy, gave its wealthy owners a large return with very little risk, and was involved in corruption, such as bribing government officials.” This was a major political issue of the 1830s. Therefore, when he was president (1829-1837), he withdrew federal deposits from the Second Bank of the U.S. and it closed in 1836.

(An interesting side note and my favorite thing about the Jackson presidency is that he is the only president ever to eliminate the national debt. No wonder he’s on the $20 bill!)

So, history has shown that it’s possible to get rid of a central bank. And the passage of Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill (HR 459) in the House this week is very encouraging. Next stop, the Senate!


Guest post from Kevin Hayden’s site,

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Date: May 16, 2012

Original Source: Don Rasmussen Contributor at the Blaze


Over the last couple of weeks, the Ron Paul campaign has picked up a majority of delegates in Iowa, Colorado, Maine, and Nevada.  He’s on pace to also pick up the majority of delegates in at least four additional states…and those are just the sure things.  This is all part of a process that actually started over 4 years ago when Paul ran for President and his deputy campaign manager, Debbie Hopper, did yeoman’s work with the grassroots to recognize the intensity and develop this strategy.

The media is now belatedly noticing that this has been happening.  It has already succeeded in taking control of slews of local and county GOP organizations, putting at least seven Paul backers on the Republican National Committee, and completely taking over the party in multiple states…and counting.

The question that much of the legacy media is now starting to ask is “Why?”  As with so much reporting, they then go on to attempt to answer their own question and fail. The supposition has included…

  •     He still thinks he can win
  •     He’s laying the groundwork for Senator Rand Paul in 2016
  •     He wants a convention floor speech
  •     He want to force Romney to make Senator Paul the veep
  •     He seeks to influence the platform
  •     They want to make floor motions about pet issues

The funny thing about this is that these reporters and opinion makers could know the answer to their own questions if they had bothered to listen.  There is no great mystery.  Ron Paul, his staff (Full Disclosure: I’m a former staffer to both Dr. Paul and Campaign for Liberty), his activists, and his backers have been talking about this, writing about this, and meticulously implementing this strategy for years!  Ron Paul himself has been going on national television and discusses this strategy for months!  Heck, they started laying the groundwork by winning local GOP boards and committees in 2008.

The current project for all of those folks is nothing less than to take control of at least 77 seats in the RNC and a majority of state parties. That’s the first step.

They don’t care about floor speeches. This is a revolution. They’re taking the party. Then they’re taking the government so they can eliminate the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the domestic spy apparatus, the military-industrial complex, and every coercive federal power except for those enumerated by the Constitution.

They are doing this because they studied history and learned about the causes of the post-ISI crash in Latin America and the rise of the military dictatorships in the 1970’s. They learned about the Versailles treaty and how it forced the German state to destroy its currency trying to make war reparations, imploding the economy and seeding the ground for the Third Reich.  They learned that the Federal Reserve is a private banking system that has destroyed 97% of the value of the dollar by using inflation to transfer our wealth to a small ruling class. They learned that right versus left is an illusion; a football game for the masses.  They learned that the real battle is and has always been up towards freedom or down towards tyranny.

I was first presented the case of public opinion and the revolutionary war in Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign headquarters. Did you know that only about 10% of the US population actively supported the American Revolution?  The rest of the population was pretty well split.  You hear a lot of talk about “tipping points” from Paul people, often with quotes from the book of the same name or emphasized with Margaret Mead…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

Spend a little time with them and you will also likely hear about Eugene Debs. Debs was a socialist. He ran repeatedly for president a hundred years ago, once from prison. Eugene Debs never won a state, but today his entire platform is the law of the United States. Last year, an overwhelming number of Republican congressmen voted to pass Ron Paul’s Audit of the Fed bill after failing for over 20 years. It has already started.

Another common meme is about human psychology. As it goes, even after Kristallnacht (the first coordinated pogrom against the Jewish people by the German state), over three quarters of a million Jews remained in Germany. Why? Because it was just so far beyond their experience that they could not accept that their government intended to kill them to the last child. Would you?

Americans aren’t dealing with what’s coming because we won’t accept it. Tomorrow will always be like yesterday because it always has, right?

You will also hear that if one carries all of our debt obligations out to the life of the loans or programs, we are actually in the hole to the tune of about 105 trillion dollars. That is more money than has been created in the whole sum of human history. You will hear that our debt to GDP ration is over 100% and no country has ever recovered from that condition without collapse or revolution.

Are they radical? Yes, they believe that nothing less than radical action has a chance to change the trajectory and save the country. Ron Paul and the millions that have been inspired and informed by him believe these things, even if journalists and the masses don’t.

Growing up, I always wanted to fly…without the aid of wings. I’d settle for a Jetman contraption though. Check him out on this flight, and here on TED. Note to self – add to my prep list wish list!

What superhero preparedness power would I choose?

This got me thinking. How practical would super powers be in a survival situation? If I could only have one super-human power, what would it be?

Special Note: To any comic book nerds who somehow stumbled upon this post, please spare me your dork rage for my total lack of intimate super hero knowledge. Nothing I write should be taken seriously. I only give tips. Take it or leave it. Keep in mind that this is satire (but may have application in the prepper community). If at any point in your reading you begin to horripilate , please stop and escape to some true-to-life comic books.

Let’s begin.

First, for the purpose of this piece, I’m only considering my favorite real super heroes. Check out my TOP SUPER HERO pick of all time at the bottom. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section – even if it’s Aqua Man. Lame! Please add to this list of real or lame super hero. After much (one link) research on lame super heroes, I’m adding an honorable mention category for these overshadowed fighters of evil. Please help me understand why the comic book gods created Squirrel Girl.

Here’s my list of top super hero preparedness powers and the one I’d choose for TEOTWAWKI: (Rule change: I was only going to allow one pick overall, but I’ll allow you to choose one from each hero listed – you’re welcome!)

I. Superman: Powers & Abilities – ability to fly, bullet proof, superhuman strength, x-ray vision (TSA approved and safer I’ve heard), super hearing, heat vision (able to annihilate an entire army of Doomsday clones in one blast), super scream, self-sufficiency (His body stores the energy necessary to negate eating and sleeping for an indefinite period), super smell (ability to smell odors across the planet – don’t think I’d want that one), superhuman speed (2000 miles per second), and superhuman stamina.

My Pick: Obviously, his ability to fly would come in handy, but his heat vision (able to annihilate an entire army of Doomsday clones in one blast) is my pick for TEOTWAWKI.

Image by DC Comics

II. Wonder Woman: Powers & Abilities – flight, super-strength, super-speed, highly developed fighting skills, enhanced hearing, enhanced vision, animal empathy, regeneration (healing factor), sisterhood with fire, high resistance to magic. Blessed with the gifts of the Olympian Gods, Wonder Woman is one of the strongest beings on the planet; she can fly at sublight speed; while not invulnerable, she is highly resistant to bodily harm; she can psychically communicate with animals; she is an expert at all forms of classical armed and unarmed combat; a master of the sword, ax, and bow and arrow; a skilled tactician and diplomat; her arsenal includes a magic lasso that forces anyone within its confines to tell the absolute truth; her bracelets can deflect bullets.

My Pick: While “sisterhood with fire” (whatever that is) would be nice, I’d go with master of the sword, ax, and bow and arrow. Remember, I’ve already got heat vision for starting fires in downpours and nuking zombies.

III. Spider Man: Powers & Abilities – wall crawling, night vision, superhuman strength, speed, agility, spider webs, danger sense, and natural weapons.

My Pick: Hands down, gotta have some night vision. No batteries needed. Now I can see Doomsday clones in the dark. Nice add here.

IV. Apocalypse: Powers & Abilities –  superhuman strength, stamina, invulnerability, energy generation, superhuman speed, retarded aging (unable to age), genius-level science geek basically. Note: I didn’t even know this dude existed, but added him just for his name.

My Pick: Energy generation – to power up those re-chargeable batteries that I no longer need for my night-vision equipment.

V. Hulk: Powers & Abilities  – most powerful being in the universe, transformation, superhuman strength (duh!), self sustenance (does not need air, water, food, or sleep – in state of rage…just how long can one be mad though?), prolonged longevity, superhuman speed – 770 mph (very surprising due to his size – 8′ tall, 1,400 pounds of green – he has been fast enough to catch mortar shells shot at him), superhuman stamina, leaping ability, and durability, regenerative healing factor, resistance to psychic control (a single man obviously), immunity to all diseases and viruses (all known Earth-based diseases and viruses, including AIDS – does Aqua Man have this power?), adaptation to hostile environments (capable to adapt itself to new inhospitable environments whenever it is necessary), and homing abilities.

My Pick: While adaptation to hostile environments is needed for TEOTWASWKI, I choose Hulk’s homing ability in case I lose my compass and map in a bug-out situation.

Honorable Mention Lame Superheroes

I. Squirrel Girl: She’s a product of government school bullying. Squirrel Girl subsequently moved to New York City to fight crime, earning quite the reputation as Central Park’s greatest protector. Stop laughing! Seriously! Here’s a comment from a superhero junkie, “Squirrel Girl just replaced Batman as my favorite super hero ever.” Squirrel Girl’s ability to summon an army of squirrels would be very helpful when you’re needing protein for your SHTF soup. Just saying.

II. Tommy has the ability to turn completely flat – like a sheet of paper. She only possesses average human strength. She was the first to die in the Mutant Massacre. Superhero? She’d be useful if you ever locked your keys in your survival retreat. You did remember to stash a hide-a-key right?

III. Goldstar: “Niceness” is somehow considered a superpower. He’s upbeat and moralistic. BUT, he is disaster-prone. Not someone you want to hang out with in emergency/disaster situations. Motto: Can’t we all just get along? He scores zero on my Superhero Preparedness Power Scale.

Real Life Superhero

I’m adding a third category: Real Life Superhero. You may have heard of him. Revolution Comics presents…

Ron Paul: Giving the NWO a black eye, destroyer of Statist propaganda, and champion of real money! He’s my superhero!

If YOU could only have one super-human preparedness power, what would it be? Leave a comment please.