Resource Links

Education not Schooling (Individualized Education Plan or IEP: self-taught, homeschooling, online, open source )

The Home School Mom

Khan Academy (learn almost anything for free)

John Taylor Gatto (challenging the myths of modern schooling)

Buehler Education

Spalding Education International (program for teaching all students to spell, write and read)

Alliance for Separation of School and State

School Survival Forums

Freedom Organization (daily dose recommended) (history of Libertarianism)

The Future of Freedom Foundation

Primal-Paleo Lifestyle

Mark’s Daily Apple (Get your Grok on and learn to take full responsibility for your own health and enjoyment of life)

MovNat (Explore your true nature)

Ancestral Health Symposium (Educating healthcare professionals and laypersons on ancestral lifestyle dynamics)

The Healthy Sceptic (Medicine for the 21st century)

The Paleo Solution

Free The Animal

Keep and Bear Arms

Project Appleseed (dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills)

The Paul Revere Network
Gun Owners of America


Fred On Everything

Alt-Market (to facilitate networking, local community action, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas)

The Daily Reckoning

The Art of Manliness (Men’s interests and life style)



The Survival Podcast


The Survival Mom

The Mental Militia Forums

Backwoods Home Magazine

Willow Haven Outdoor



The Penumbral Report

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