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So, you want a revolution?  It might look like this: The Independent Project.

It’s only a matter of time.  Students are waking up.  They’re smart enough to see the scam of schooling.  They know that they are on the receiving end of brute force designed to inflict IDD, (Intelligence Deficit Disorder).  The elite educrat pimps in the District of Criminals don’t fear The Independent Project.  That kind of uprising can be squashed by a jack-boot on the throat of the school district that allowed such outside-the-box thinking.  Get in line or we’ll stop the flow of stolen money to your district.

I’m not naive.  I know the golden rule.  Whoever controls the gold (or fiat paper we call money) will rule.

John Taylor Gatto suggests in his book, Weapons of Mass Instruction, one way to cripple our educrat rulers: The Bartleby Project.

Publicize the idea.  Share it with friends and family.  This movement of civil disobedience can not take root with central planning or a figure leading the way.  It must be student lead.  It’s an independent thinking revolution.  Individual students can take their education into their own hands by peacefully saying, I prefer not to take your tests,then peacefully refuse to submit to the brutal process.  Teachers and administrators are chained to the institution and can’t help.  I, as well as most of my teaching cohorts, wholly support driving a wooden pencil through the heart of the blood-sucking standardized tests.  The bloody pencil must be in the hands of the students.

Just say NO to standardized tests!

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it. – Upton Sinclair

In my line of work, I’m in contact with many parasitic, pencil pushing State worshipers.  They condemn stealing, yet can’t understand that depositing our paychecks is legalized theft.  We are paid from stolen property taken at the point of a government gun from individual producers.  Once forcibly removed from its rightful owners, the property ends up in the treasure chest of the gang of robbers and murderers. Who among us teachers can wrap our minds around this blood money?

We attempt to justify our theft.  But I’m providing a service to the public.  Really!?  What value is provided?  Is there any educating taking place in institutional forced schooling?  None that I’ve noticed.  I do witness the viral spread of propaganda, coercion, and control.  We bow at the altar of NCLB and teach the bubble test.  We sell our student’s souls to jump through the feds hoops.

President Bush signing the bipartisan No Child...

Smoke and mirrors!

It’s difficult to accept my role as a public school teacher.  Dr. Timothy D. Slekar wrote an article over at Huffington Post titled, “Public Schools Are Not Negotiable.”  From his title, you might guess how he feels about the State and public education.  While Dr. Slekar and I share the same drive to kill abusive, inaccurate standardized testing, our warm-fuzzy ends there.

I am an advocate of laissez-faire style education while Dr. Slekar, Head of the Division of Education, Human Development and Social Sciences at Penn State Altoona, champions public schooling.  He says, “My ultimate goal as an advocate for public schools is to make sure that the institution (American public education) survives the ruthless attack by market-based reformers that only have an interest in taking advantage of the money that remains locked up in the public system of education. Make no mistake about my position. Market-based reforms being pushed by a crowd of people unfamiliar with teaching and learning are trying to destroy the American public school system. And if they succeed democracy will soon follow. If public education is dismantled our last barrier to free thought will be gone. This is a horrible prospect. Therefore, a group of committed advocates has decided that “opting out” of state testing is a way to save public schools.”

Having taught in American public education since 1986, I am very familiar with what is called “teaching” and “learning”.  Experiencing the institution first hand only increases my hopes and dreams of its eventual demise.

My job, like all the other future teachers trained by Dr. Slekar, depends on not understanding the damage done in schooling.  Working the crowd with fearful emotion, he states, “If public education is dismantled our last barrier to free thought will be gone.”  My survey of school victims tells another story.  Free thought is far removed from public education.  The collective box doesn’t respond well to free thinkers.

I’m only one person.  I take a bite out of the proverbial elephant of collectivism daily.  My goal is to sabotage one child’s journey through tyranny each day.  In a free society, one has choices.  Parents may choose the best way to educated their children.  If you believe this, there’s no room under Slekar’s tent for you.  “When they advocate a “choice” movement and market-based reforms to take the place of a system of public education, my tolerance evaporates. When it comes to schooling in America, if you do not see a thriving, community-based public school system situated within diverse settings then “we can’t get along,” “there is no room in the tent,” and “you are not included.”  Breaking the government monopoly on “education” will be very difficult.  Especially when teacher training colleges employ folks like Dr. Slekar.  I could be wrong, but he seems to think that the American public school system is the best thing since indoor plumbing.

Enough with the Orwellian newspeak Dr. Slekar.  Please stop confusing the herd by using the term “education” when you really mean schooling.  The market-based, meddlesome, ignorant outsiders are waking up.  The American bewildered herd won’t fit under your publicly funded tent.  Better move your tent to high ground – maybe on top of your ivory tower.

Uncle Sugar’s lasso isn’t long enough.  The stampede is coming in a flurry of hooves and dust.  Yee-haw to self-ownership and self-education!