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The bumper sticker read, “Hey, At least we’re winning the war on education!”

My attempts to flag down the driver almost caused a pile up. The owner of the car probably thought I was a stalker.  Or worse, another crazed State worshiper with an “Educator” license plate looking to violently defend my State religion.  Smartly, she switched

Former President Jimmy Carter

Who cares? It's other people's money. Thanks Jimmy...

lanes and made an abrupt left turn and lost me.  All I wanted was information on obtaining that brilliant bumper sticker.

After the chase, I made up a few of my own slogans:

  1. “Education” sounds so much better than State propaganda, coercion, legal bullying, and dumbing us down
  2. Public Schools: Promising Dreams while Delivering Disaster
  3. Forced Schooling = Redistribution of Ignorance
  4. Public Education Is A Triumph Over Common Sense
  5. Modern Schools Are Tools For Tyrants

The War on Education has been raging for many years.  It really got traction when Jimmy Carter gave birth to the Department of Education.  In 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education reported, “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.”

There has always been the need for education.  Was the State’s forced take over of schooling needed?  Were children raised during the founding of our country lacking real education?  Not hardly.  The average literacy rate in early America was over 90%.  Today, modern public education has pillaged billions of dollars from the private sector to “educate” children.  This black hole called the Department of Education has produced school violence beyond belief, mindless obedience to authority, many functional illiterate graduates, a you-owe-me mentality, hatred for learning, and a collective mentality.  Ask students how they like their educational experience and most will tell you, “School sucks!”

So, how do we educate a multicultural society?  We don’t.  One size does not fit all.  No matter how many experts promote the public education solution, it’s difficult to deny that we are unequal.  Individuals are – individuals.

If public schools lost compliance by force, laissez-faire education would thrive.  My oldest daughter attended an alternative high school during her senior year.  Most of her studies were offered on-line.  This allowed her freedom to choose when, what and how to learn.  She accelerated and finished her last year of high school five months ahead of her classmates at her former school.  At one point, she was required to take trigonometry.  Her teacher wasn’t able to teach the subject so she taught herself.  She figured it out.  The internet is a great tutor.

All students are intelligent if we leave them alone to learn and quit ringing bells every 45 minutes.

We are told to put aside our logical nature by the intellectual elites and embrace “education”…and give ’til it hurts, for the children of course.  The destruction of this War on Education can’t be measured in dollars only.  It’s generational rape by the State, crushing individual freedom and instituting cultural conformity.  The only way for forced schooling to survive is the continued robbing at the point of the government gun.

This is no longer a skirmish, it’s all out war.  Who will win?