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Karen DeCoster nails another Nanny Statist to the wall:

Since all schools and their surrounding neighborhood have long been “drug-free” zones, it is time to turn them into lunch-free zones as well. California state bureaucrats have already declared legal pot dispensaries to be a threat to the kiddies when they are too close to a federal child internment camp, and now, lunch trucks and food carts are deemed to be even more sinister.

A California state lawmaker believes food trucks are contributing to childhood obesity, and wants to keep them farther than marijuana dispensaries from schools.

Assemblyman William Monning (D-Carmel) chairs the Assembly Health Committee. Monning wants to ban all food trucks and pushcarts from within 1,500 feet of elementary, middle and high schools from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on school days. Pot stores must be located at least 600 feet from schools.

The trucks are said to be “contributing to an epidemic of childhood obesity on California school campuses by supplying youngsters with greasy burgers, sodas and other high-calorie food.” This is unlike the federal subsidized school lunch program, of course. After all, the government serves up “intelligent pizza” and sends in Lunch Nazis to take away the home-packed lunches of children so they can be replaced with Federal McNuggets.

Enough said.

Logo of the United States Department of Agricu...

Makes ya feel safe, don't it?

When I quiz students trailing out of the USDA approved feeding line about the contents of the “meat” on their tray, no one can’t identify it. The usual response is “I don’t know” or “mystery meat.” The mystery is solved. It’s ammonia!

That’s right. Students in our government gulags, trained not to question anything, are thankful to eat this slimy, ammonia hydroxide-treated concoction of meat/connective tissue. The hypocrisy of the USDA (and all State initial-sporting agencies) knows no bounds. Ammonium hydroxide can turn into ammonium nitrate. You know, the stuff used to blow up the Murrah Federal Building. I’m surprised Big Sis hasn’t sent in Homeland Security to raid these pre-terrorist lunchrooms. How does 7 million pounds of potential bomb making material slip by the Feds? It didn’t slip anywhere. The USDA bought it to fed to the schooled children. They have the best interest of your child’s health in mind.

Talk about a gut bomb!

Fast-food giant McDonalds stopped serving this slop, thanks to choice and the free market. In the government school monopoly, your child has to choose between pink ammonia patties or various other mysterious USDA pyramid foods. Or, you could try slipping a homemade lunch past the Food Nazis.

Just color it pink to blend in. Yum!