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Forgive me if this song gets stuck in your head, but I can’t resist humming this parody of Tina Turner’s hit, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.  Here’s my version, “Oh what’s learning got to do, got to do with schools?

Indeed.  What’s learning got to do with schooling (AKA, Public Education)?  Most of my students respond with robot percussion when asked why they are in school.  “To get my education” or some other mindlessly obedient response usually follows.  When I challenge them with the thought that they are getting schooled not educated, I’m met with opposition and unbelief that, in their propagandized minds, a teacher would think such things, much less utter such sacrilege.  Thinking for one’s self is such a scarce commodity in today’s Pavlovian Conditioning Centers (PCC).

The PCCs train individual students to exhibit specific response to a stimulus.  The test subjects quickly learn stimuli lead to a good or bad outcome.  The powers of good, kind, and fair subdue all but the most selfish individualists.  A right to one’s own life is extinguished in PCCs. Knowledge is power and the schools of the State own a monopoly on force, not education.  It’s for the good of the group.

To the casual observer,  what is seen looks like education.  Generations have been brainwashed to view their local PCC as education centers.  This is what is seen:  A structured learning environment, decorated classroom walls, the latest technology, climate controlled setting, anti-bullying posters to make students feel safe, “free” transportation to and from school, books and school supplies, caring teachers, resource officers, no weapons signs, no smoking signs, and “nutritious” lunches.

What is not seen: The huge success of public education. Don’t let all the hype about the crisis in American education fool you.  The system is in place to create more dumb, compliant, obedient victims.  John Taylor Gatto calls it Dumbing us Down.  This leviathan of the State has a lot more ruin left in it.

I sit through endlessly boring meetings watching the hand-wringing as self-professed educated professionals complain and worry about test scores and whether or not we will make AYP (Annual Yearly Progress).  Weariness accompanies me.  There’s much bitching about the administration, the parents and the students.  From time to time, I try to show my colleagues what is not seen.  Once, I left the reservation by suggesting that our efforts to educate children via coercion will never work. We are employed by a government-run institutional system.  The system can’t be fixed.  Get used to it or go get another job flew from my lips.  My words were met with gnashing of teeth and  fiery daggers.  The unseen truth is still the truth.

What is not seen is the hypocrisy:  Authority figures in the school have the right to tell their captive clientele what they need to learn, how they need to learn it, and when the learning will take place based on superior knowledge.  We have credentials.  We are the experts.  Therefore, students owe us a debt of obedience and honor.  Kids today don’t obey or honor teachers out a respect for higher knowledge or virtue, but because we can use force  to make them comply. The school bully takes another kid’s lunch money.  The threat of force and violence creates conformity – and victims.  How’s that different from teachers threatening students with “legal” force?  It is much like a prison system.  The guards have power to punish the prisoners.  The inmates know it and conform most of the time.

What is not seen is the arrogance: The expert teacher with superior knowledge and the ignorance of the students.  If you are uneducated and want to become educated, you would seek out an educator.  If you follow the teacher’s advice and instruction for 12 years and find that you are still uneducated, what are you to do?  First, you might inquire about the teacher’s credentials.  Then ask your teacher his definition of “education” to ensure you’re both on the same page.   A more probing question would follow concerning what my education would look like and whether he really understands my educational goals and is able to assist me in my leaning.

Any logical person would use this process if he received bad advise from a doctor, mechanic, or financial planner.  Why not with teachers?  The response to these questions will reveal their true nature and motive.  If the teacher gets angry and defensive, changes the subject, refuses to take responsibility for giving you bad instruction, then storms out, you will know that he never intended on giving you good instruction.

Once the shock wears off, the unseen truth is revealed.  Forced schooling is not about education, but all about controlling the herd.  What’s leaning got to do, got to do with schools?  The State = legal force.  The State is a dangerous servant and horrible master.

Education was and can be provided by private individuals more efficiently and morally than by the State.  But what about the poor?  You must be a racists!  Oh, I didn’t realize that “poor” was a race.  This myth has been used to pick the pockets of producers for hundreds of years.  We’ll bust this myth in another post.

Exercise your free will and learn.  Always look at what is not seen in forced government schooling: Designed control of every human action.

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