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I feel I’m swimming in a pool of parasitical ignorance.

Sitting in the USDA feeding pen last week, the lunch banter at the teacher-table confirmed, yet again, the success of government skool indoctrination. “What we need is more money!”

“Really!?” I responded in my usual rabble-rousing tone. The debate went downhill from there. My opponent eventually went back to her pizza and corn-on-the-cob.

The facts aren’t important when getting paid with other peoples money depends on believing lies. Here are a series of unfortunate facts reported by Sam Blumenfeld in The New American:

One would think that after a hundred years of compulsory school attendance, this nation would have reached new heights of literacy and intelligence. But the very opposite is true. The latest SAT verbal scores for the class of 2011 are the lowest on record. Indeed, the combined reading and math scores have fallen to their lowest level since 1995. No surprise when you consider that No Child Left Behind has just about left every child in the government schools very far behind.

There is actually no better evidence documenting the dumbing-down process than the SAT scores. For example, in 1972, 2,817 students achieved a verbal score of 750 to 800, the highest possible score. In 1987 only 1,363 students achieved that score. In 1994, it was up slightly to 1,438. In other words, over a thousand smarties became dumber.

In 1972, a total of 116,630 students achieved verbal scores between 600 and 800. In 1987 only 88,000 achieved that score. In 1972, a total of 71,084 scored between 200 and 249 in the verbal test, the lowest possible score. In 1987 the number of students scoring in that lowest category had risen to 123,470. In 1994, that number had increased to 136,841.

And so the smart have been getting dumber, and the dumb have been getting even dumber. It should be noted that the total number of students who took the test in 1972 was 1,022,680; in 1987, it was 1,080,426. In , that number was down to 1,050,386, probably indicating that fewer students felt they could score well on the SAT test.

A review of the reforms, such as the new Common Core Standards, being advocated by the establishment, should convince any thinking citizen that government education is headed toward oblivion. Higher teacher pay, national certification, restructuring, more social services, more vegetables for lunch, preschool education, smaller class size, more sex ed, and other such reforms will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars but not one of them will improve academic education.

I’m asked many times why I, a government skool teacher, advocate self-education (homeschool, unschooling, de-schooling). Simple. I see first hand what is called “education” and must say, there’s no real education going on in our assembly-line factor schools. Sure there’s rote memorization of facts and lots of test-taking, thanks to No Child Left Behind, the beautiful boondoogle of the Son of Bush. Take heart. It doesn’t matter if a donkey or an elephant lives in the White House. The results will be the same. Failure.

Every tax-payer should ask if NCLB is a good investment. Many have said NO! and left the propaganda centers with children in tow. Many of my fellow tax-feeders wouldn’t dream of exposing their own children to the collectivist system called publik skools. And it’s not just conservative Christians de-schooling their young for religious reasons. The trend of homeschool/unschool is taking root in the liberal/progressive movement as well. It’s hard not to wake up and smell the failure in government skooling. It reminds me of a run-in I had with a skunk under my porch years ago. It’s a painful story for another time.

Draining the federal utter is not the solution. If it were, American government skools would be the envy of the modern world. Test scores would sour and students would know things.  Most of the two million plus homeschoolers would be lining up to register. We’d be building skools faster than we could pay for them. Oh my, we’re already doing that. Forget that part of my argument.

Bottom line. I’ve discovered from working with many principals, a principal-less, and fellow skool teachers, that reform in not possible in government skools. You can’t fix what you don’t understand.  We’re “educators”.

Until we wrap our minds around the nature of forced “education”, government skooling will continue to be a safe house for State tyranny. If…if…The monopoly only worked.

“What’s you parent’s phone number?!” I’d demand in my stern teacher voice.

“I don’t know.”

“It’s gonna be a lot worse for you if I have to go to the office and look it up.  And if they tell me that you DO know their number, you’ll be in deeper trouble than you are now!  So, what’s it gonna be?”  At this point, they’d usually break and give up the number.  I’d write it down and usually not call.  This created the leverage needed.  Besides, if I actually called, the parents might want to meet with me to discuss John’s grades and behavior.  Usually after school.  I don’t get paid enough to stay late.

In 1985, during my student teaching experience, my supervising teacher told me, “When your class comes to your room the first day of school, don’t smile until after Christmas break.”  He was right.  It worked.  I became a stone cold image, king of my classroom throne, and dictator in my little world.  I was proud of the control and thought of myself as a success on that level.

I had a list of rules posted.  The first week was run like boot camp.  I’d break them down.  I trained the students how I expected them to enter my class.  We’d actually practice entering each day.  No teaching, just training.  No talking, touching, or thinking.  I was told this was good classroom management practices.  It is, if you want to break people like a wild animal.  Robotic motions.  Absurd rules.  This made my handlers happy.

English: AIESEC Students

Here’s a few more tools that helped me in my early years of tyrannical teaching:

  • Create an atmosphere of fear.  Be unpredictable and intimidating.  A state of suspended terror.
  • Play mind games. Psych-Ops.
  • Take away rights.
  • Extend privileges.
  • Teach them to never question authority.  Especially yours.
  • Belittle and browbeat as necessary.  Legal bullying.
  • Punish rule breakers.  Make consequences harsh.
  • Teach dependence based on my superior knowledge. Never teach them so much that they can do without you.  Become their Moses.
  • Completely crush rebellion.  Leave no embers burning. Annihilate the spirit.  I’m just doing my job.  They pay me to “teach” whether you learn or not.
    Anthems of Rebellion
  • Keep students in suspended terror.  Students are creatures of habit and love the familiar.  Be unpredictable and intimidating.  Keep them off-balance.
  • Make students play with the cards you deal.  Make them feel as though they have choices.  It make the victims happier.  The house always wins.
  • Tap into the fantasies of the masses.  Yes, you can all be NFL players and win American Idol.
    Former logo of American Idol from 2002 to 2008.


  • Subdue the ring leader and control the herd.  Single out the leader/trouble maker and make an example of him/her by harsh punishment

I know this may sound absurd and ridiculous.  I’ve given up these techniques and chosen not to be an instrument of terror.  There’s great pressure to practice these techniques in government-run schools.

My name is Bartleby Scrivener, and I am an ex-torturer of students.

Bartleby the Scrivener